Connect with us

We are open to opportunities including:
- industry and academic collaborations and partnerships
- local and international demonstrations and exhibitions
- technology licensing

Please reach out to us via < difflab [at] ucalgary.ca > for more information. We are always looking for highly motivated students from broad range of disciplines including but not limited to: Computer Science/Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Robotics, Materials Science, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering. Check the sections below to learn about opening positions and the background/skills we are looking for.


Physical Address

University of Calgary
Math Sciences Building
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Office: MS 680J / Lab: MS 680 and MS 145

Applying to DIFF Lab

We are a transdisciplinary research team consisting of creative, motivated, dedicated and passionate individual who are on mission to invent computing devices for the future. We strive to create novel interactive devices, sensing technologies, haptic devices and fabrication techniques that are low-cost, widely accessible and help in addressing fundamental research questions that transcend disciplines.

For those interested in joining us, please follow the below instructions:
  • please check the available positions
  • check if you possess the skills we are looking for
  • send your portfolio link and CV via e-mail to < difflab [at] ucalgary.ca> with a brief note about your intention and how you are a good fit to our lab.
PS: Due to large volume of e-mails and applications we receive, we are unable to reply to all the candidates.

Open Positions